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                      Mr. Derick Berry
        Certified Financial Education Instructor
   National Financial Educators Council Member
        Certified College Planning Consultant
                               President / CEO 

America has a serious financial crisis, with many people struggling financially for generations. 65% of Americans have zero savings and 42% will retire broke.  Go fund me has become the substitute for life insurance in many households, due to the lack of education and lack of planning.


I am personally dedicated to the financial literacy movement by educating individuals, households, organizations, schools, and communities.  My team and I are committed to educating and assisting individuals with personal financial strategies designed to help you reach your specific goals.  This wealth of knowledge and personalized plan will give your  life and business the foundation and structure you need to get off to a great start or help you recover from past mistakes or life challenges. So don't wait another day. Contact us now!

Welcome To Reviving Dreams Consulting

Are you ready to take control of your Future, Finances, Retirement, Estate and College for your kids?  Here at Reviving Dreams Consulting, we can assist you with all the above plus much more!  We partner with over 100 top rated companies giving you power to choose with providing solutions to achieve your financial goals. 

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